healthy vending

Varsity Vending is committed to the nation’s movement towards a healthier workplace, healthier diet, and healthier snacking.  We follow NAMA’s (National Automatic Merchandising Association) Fit Pick Standards. Below is an example of what nutritional values a snack must be manufactured with in order to meet a Fit Pick Standard.


A quick list of items that we already have in stock or order to satisfy fit pick requirements are below.

Item ID Brand Item Size
6001 Coca-Cola Coke Diet 12 oz
6003 Coca-Cola Coke Caffeine Free Diet 12 oz
6011 Pepsi Pepsi Diet 12 oz
6022 Pepsi Brisk Iced Tea Lemon 12 oz
6503 Coca-Cola Coke Diet 20 oz
6507 Coca-Cola Coke Zero 20 oz
6522 Pepsi Pepsi Diet 20 oz
6525 Pepsi Mountain Dew Diet 20 oz
6552 Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Diet 20 oz
626 Sobe Lifewater Strawberry Dragonfruit 20 oz
627 Sobe Lifewater Black and Blueberry 20 oz
628 Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate 20 oz
632 Snapple Snapple Tea Diet Lemon 20 oz
633 Snapple Snapple Tea Diet Peach 20 oz
634 Snapple Snapple Tea Diet Raspberry 20 oz
1609 Keystone Party Mix Original 2.28 oz
1647 Frito-Lay Baked Lay’s Classic 1.14 oz
1656 Frito-Lay Baked Lay’s BBQ 1.14 oz
1670 Snyder’s Veggie Crisps Potato, Tomato & Spinach 1.26 oz
1683 Kellogg’s Special K Chips Sea Salt .89 oz
1683 Kellogg’s Special K Chips Sour Cream&Onion .89 oz
1810 Boulder Canyon Rice&Bean Adzuki Natural Salt 1.52 oz
1818 Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips Multigrain 1.50 oz
1819 Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips Sweet Potato 1.50 oz
1820 Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips Blue Corn 1.50 oz
4508 Lance Toast Chee Crackers 6ct 1.54 oz
4516 Lance Toasty Crackers 6ct 1.30 oz