Varsity Vending Employee Wins Award

Employee Highlight

Varsity Vending employs Gene Nice through a program called Arc of Southern Maryland.  He has been here over the past year and he plays a vital role in our overall operation in regard to 20 oz bottled beverages.  Within the past year both Coke and Pepsi have started delivering 20z beverages in thick shrink wrap.  Which made it very difficult to restock our vending machines.  They used to come in nice heavy duty plastic trays which made it each to carry and refill the drinks, but now ripping through heavy duty shrink wrap has cause product loss, sticky mornings, soda showers, and overall cumbersome task for our operation.  Since having Gene help us here, he unpacks the sodas from the shrink wrap, and restocks our now re-purposed heavy duty plastic trays to make our route driver’s job much easier.

Recently, Gene won an Outstanding Employee Achievement Award from the Arc of Southern Maryland.  We congratulate him on this amazing award and do agree that his is an outstanding employee.

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